An experiential gift

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Theatre tickets, bungee jumping, spa treatments… Or a race entry. Experiential gifts create lasting memories. And the resulting experiences also make us happier – for longer – than things do. This festive season, consider giving the runner in your life – whether a friend, partner, parent or child (or yourself!) – a Forest Run entry.


How do you know whether this is the right gift for your runner?

  • Ask your runner if they’ve got any races planned for early in the year – this will give you an idea of their distance and event ambitions (if they haven’t got any races planned, drop subtle hints about Forest Run to gauge their interest in a weekend away of running).
  • Are they up to running 30km or 60km of beautiful and friendly forest terrain? As the entry fee is the same regardless of distance, they can choose the distance later.
  • Did they run Forest Run in 2013 or 2014? Have they spoken about doing it again or maybe doing the 60km if they ran the 30km previously?
  • Are you up for a weekend away in the lovely Belfast-Dullstroom area to cheer your runner on?

If they answer yes to the above, then a Forest Run entry is just the thing to get for your runner.

Please email me directly ( and I’ll gladly plot and plan with you. I’ll  send you a little something containing their entry to put under the xmas tree.


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