Forest Run 2017

Now settled into its home of the Vredefort Dome, Forest Run sparkled under a blue sky and warm sun. The magical lenses of Maggi and Marcel from Sigg Digital captured the beauty of the day and the energy of the runners. These photo albums are on Forest Run’s Facebook page for you to look at, tag, share and enjoy.

Here is a short video by Marcel from Sigg Digital with some aerial footage of the terrain near the Bundu Waterpoint and also of the historic Venterskroon buildings near the finish. All courses cover these sections.

This 4-minute video by Helena Pienaar beautifully shows the magic of the Fairy Forest on the farthest side of the Forest Run route where only the 46km runners go. She and her brother joined their folks Martie and JP (at the point where the 46km runners begin their loop) and took the opportunity to hike the loop. Here is her video:

Buffelskloof from Helena Pienaar on Vimeo.


Forest Run 2016

For this year, Forest Run found a new home in the hills, valleys and forests of the Vredefort Dome. Maggi and Marcel from Sigg Digital were back with us to capture the spirit of the event and the beauty of the area. Here are their images in these Forest Run Facebook albums.

  • Venterskroon Inn: registration and start venue for the three courses:
  • Around Bundu Camp: location of the first waterpoint
  • Oudewerf: the runners turn off the dirt road and on to trail
  • WP4 (only 46km route): photos taken here by the Holzhausen family
  • Trail to the finish: ‘affectionately’ known as The Scorpion Trail (it’s the sting in the tail)
  • WP2 (windpomp): I love this valley – a great location for WP2 and only 5km from the end.
  • Red Donga Trail: This is an actual hiking trail section on Thabela Thabeng’s property.
  • Heading to WP2: trails leading to the windpomp

FR collage

Forest Run 2015

Marcel and Maggi from Sigg Digital were back with us for this 3rd edition of Forest Run. Here are the albums on Forest Run’s Facebook page.

Forest Run 2014

Marcel and Maggi from Sigg Digital took photographs this year and they outdid themselves. Here are their albums on Forest Run’s Facebook page.

As Zelda Coetzee was unable to run due to injury, she took lovely photos too from spots along the route.

Forest Run 2013

Zelda Coetzee took many beautiful photographs at the first Forest Run. You can view these images on Forest Run’s Facebook album.

FR collage