Results 2013

For the inaugural running of AdventureLisa’s Forest Run on Saturday 9 March 2013 there were 65 runners. Nine entered runners didn’t make it to the race. There were:

  • 27 runners on the 62km course
  • 32 runners on the 32km course (many 62km runners decided to run half distance)
  • three relay pairs (six runners)

Winning times are as follows:

  • 62km Men: 5:08, Kirsten Leemans
  • 62km Women: 6:58, Vicky Wagner
  • 32km Men: 3:23, Dirk Botha
  • 32km Women: 4:11, Gill Lumley
  • Relay Pair: 7:47, Cheryl du Sautoy and Ian Tingle

For complete results, with waterpoint splits, please download this PDF file (right-click and save or click to open).