No Forest Run again this year

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Hi Forest Runners. Happy happy wishes to you all for good health, fast legs and a strong heart.

I will not be hosting a Forest Run for a number of reasons:

A large tract of the land in the area has a new owner. This sale went through at the beginning of last year and it is the bulk of the 16km route, approx. 11km of which is also used by the 30km and 46km. Yeah, a total mess! This guy doesn’t want anyone on his land, he is busy putting up fencing and he will be introducing buffalo. So this stunning piece of land is a no-go zone.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve launched two companies: YOLO Greenand Vagabond Kayaks. So, while I have an alternative plan for the route – that uses some of the 46km route plus a number of surrounding farms, I haven’t been on the surrounding farms to explore their trails. I would need a few months to be out there, to track and map the trails and to set up what would essentially be an entirely new route. That I’m only just scraping 30-60 mins a day to run with Rusty means that time outside of work-work-work is at premium!

I WILL have another ‘Not Forest Run’ in May – the lovely 27km Vaal Eden loop route from the Parys Airfield. No entry fee. Just rock up. I’ll post basic details closer to the time. Same procedure as last year.

To everything, there is a season…


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