Equipment & Safety

Compulsory Equipment

  • Water reservoir/bottles – at least 2-litre capacity (NOTE: there are neither cups nor sachets at water points)
  • Sufficient food to see you through the race
  • Cell phone (relevant numbers will be provided)
  • Whistle
  • Space blanket
  • Light-weight wind shell

NOTE: I’m not going to police how much you put into your water reservoirs as this will depend on race conditions, how fast you move and where on the course you are. Fill according to your needs and the race conditions on the day. We do not need a medical emergency because you have been negligent. Folks, please just be responsible.

Recommended Equipment

  • Hat, shades and sunblock.
  • Light-weight, long-sleeve thermal top in your backpack (depending on the weather forecast this may be listed as a compulsory item).
  • Trail shoes – this terrain is very rocky in places. Road shoes will not give enough protection and they’ll get trashed.
  • Trekking pole/s – if you’re not very used to rocky terrain, you’ll appreciate a 3rd leg from even one trekking pole on the few short and rocky descents.

NOTE: Weather will ultimately determine what you must pack. Remember that compulsory equipment is not specified for when everything is going smoothly. If something happens to you or if you have to stop to assist someone else, that’s when you’ll need the warmth.


Race medics be positioned at points along route. There are places where it could take them a while to walk in to get to you – many sections are not accessible by vehicle.

Marshals and water station volunteers are briefed to halt any runners who come past them looking like hell. They have the authority to make runners sit there for a while to hydrate and recover and, if necessary, they will call the race medic. The race medic has the authority to stop you from continuing.  Please accept their decision graciously and live to run another race, another day. Please do not fight with them. They have your safety and wellness at heart.

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