Not Forest Run, Saturday 18 May 2019

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I’m in for another ‘Not-Forest-Run’ this May. I look forward to running with you.

START TIME: 08h00 (arrive and be ready by 07h45)
START/FINISH: Parys Airfield, 4km from Parys town on the R59.
ROUTE: A self-sufficient, dirt-road run on the Vaal Eden Road, a scenic loop of gently undulating gradient. Only two turnings, which will be marked. Reverse direction from 2018.

ENTRY FEE: nada, zero, zip.

FYI: We’re not having a real Forest Run again this year because of landownership change, which has zapped out a big chunk of the Forest Run route (landowner will not allow people on his property). I do have access to other farms but currently no time to put an event together. Maybe in spring, maybe in autumn? For now, we’ll just enjoy this gathering.


No Forest Run again this year

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Hi Forest Runners. Happy happy wishes to you all for good health, fast legs and a strong heart.

I will not be hosting a Forest Run for a number of reasons:
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First running of Not Forest Run

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With my time overloaded and consumed with work, I made the call earlier in the year not to hold my Forest Run event. Presenting a race is not just the on-the-day commitment, but also the months of coordinating land permissions, volunteers, entry admin and a full week pre-race to cut, trim and mark the trails. I just could not do it this year and so cancelling the event was a relief. For the same date, Saturday 19 May 2018, I came up with another plan instead…┬áNot Forest Run. Read the rest of this entry »

Run Not Forest Run with me on Saturday

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I can’t believe that Saturday is almost here. Where is the time going! One thing is for sure: I made a very good decision not to host the ‘real’ Forest Run this year. With my one-year old company YOLO steadily growing – with export opportunities on the horizon – and a major new project underway (with launch six weeks away), I’m a bit of a headless chicken. I’m really looking forward to our long run on Saturday. Read the rest of this entry »

Not-Forest-Run route

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This past weekend, I cycled the route for the Not-Forest Run run, which will be held on Saturday, 19 May 2018. It is super stunning out there!

According to Google Maps, the route is 27km in distance starting and finishing at the Parys airfield. Read the rest of this entry »

Forest Run 2018 postponed to 2019 but…

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Hi fairies and elves,

I have decided not to present Forest Run in May this year. As many of you know, in March last year I started a new company YOLO Colours. Our main product is the fabulous YOLO Compost Tumbler. The first few months were slow (as expected) and then it picked up after Decorex in August. I’m thankful that January has been very busy. I’m doing Homemakers Expo in late Feb and so things should go up another notch. Plus, I’m involved with project #2, which has a tight deadline.

I am already sleeping too little and I just can’t see my way to having a week to cut and mark trails before the event much less the many, many hours of organising, coordinating and admin ahead of the event.

By this time next year my business will be more established and, I hope, will free me up to play in the hills of the Vredefort Dome. I had all kinds of plans for this year, like a new shorter 8-10km route, but I’m just not getting around to it.

I’ve had five consecutive years of Forest Run and so this break is actually well timed.

Even though I won’t be presenting Forest Run on 19 May 2018 as planned, I would like to invite you instead to join me on a dirt-road run just outside of Parys town on this same day.

We’ll start with our Parys parkrun (5km) at 08h00 (I’m the Event Director here) and then we’ll drive to the airfield (5km outside of town), park there and then run what we call the ‘Vaal Eden Road loop’ (25km). OR, start running from parkrun (about 35km for the loop).

(You don’t have to do parkrun and you can start running from town or from the airfield. I’ll send out a map.)

No charge. No entries. No RSVP. Just read my instructions and show up.

I’ll post details here and on the Forest Run FB page and probably in an email to my email list of past Forest Runners, but that’s it.

Bring your own hydration pack and snacks. You can run at your own pace (route is easy to follow, terrain is uncomplicated and scenery is great). Your friends/partners who don’t run are welcome to join on bicycles.

I hope to enjoy your company on 19 May 2018.



The beauty of the Fairy Forest

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When I moved Forest Run last year from Lakenvlei to the Vredefort Dome, I didn’t think I could keep the same event name – until I explored the farthest side of the route where only the 46km runners go. This is why Forest Run is still called Forest Run. This is a beautiful 4 minute video by Helena Pienaar.

Helena and Jonatan joined their folks Martie and JP at the spot where the 46km runners begin their loop. They had an early morning 2.6km to walk into their point and then took the opportunity to hike a section of the route. If you ran the 16km or 30km and want to know what you missed on the ‘far side’… Here is Helena’s beautiful video that shows the magic of the ‘Fairy Forest’. Stars in the video include Helena herself (she did the editing too), her brother Jonatan and her parents Martie (she made this year’s date squares) and JP. Enjoy.

Buffelskloof from Helena Pienaar on Vimeo.

Forest Run 2017 results

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I’ll write more about this 5th edition of Forest Run in a day or two but for now the full results are up. Congratulations too all the Forest Runners. This area is deceivingly challenging. We were blessed with perfect conditions that made this a beautiful day.

Forest Run 2017 Results

Trail cutting

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We have had some BIG days of trail cutting. After excellent summer rains, vegetation growth has been c.r.a.z.y! I’ve had the most amazing trail cutting team of Karen, Ricky, Moses, Wilfred and Sylvester. They have spent long days out there with me and the cutting hasn’t been easy this year. We’ve still got another day or so of cutting to do but fortunately it looks like we’re over the most challenging sections. You can read more in this post.

the Team.jpg

Here are some photos from the past few days of the terrain and area. There were many places where we couldn’t even see the tracks! It is all beautiful and almost ready for you.

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Falling in love with the area again

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I know the Forest Run area pretty well. I’ve traversed all the trails in the area, drawn a map and I’ve spent a lot of hours out there. From the first, I fell in love with the area. This weekend I fell in love with it all over again. Read the rest of this entry »