Vredefort Dome

Forest Run area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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The Vredefort Dome, where Forest Run is held (in a part of the area – the best part IMHO) is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Curious about what they have to say about the area, I found their website.

“The Vredefort Dome is 120 km south west from Johannesburg. The property represents a unique geological phenomenon formed about 2 023 million years ago and is the oldest and largest known meteorite impact structure on earth.”

Check it out the Vredefort Dome on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Article: The Rock That Shocked

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Here’s an informative, pleasant and readable article “The Rock That Shocked” posted on the Country Life magazine website (6 April 2016) about the Vredefort Dome. They talk about the meteorite impact that created the Dome, gold mining and some of the history of the area. They also mention Venterskroon village, which is where we start and finish, and the farm Thabela Thabeng, which is where the 30km and 46km runners will pass through (Thabela Thabeng is WP5).