Short route for your supporters

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Last year, many of the supporters waiting at the finish for their runners said how much they too would like to experience the forest too – but just something short that they could jog or walk. I’ll tag a short 5km route especially for your non-runner partners. There’s no entry fee for this and they can run/walk the route at their leisure so that they’re able to get back in plenty of time to shower and to wait for you at the finish.


Forests and festivities

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Given a choice of a holiday destination, I’d chose forests over the coast any time. Although I’m not going away for a traditional holi-holiday this festive season, I will be heading into forested terrain of Kaapsehoop (Mpumalanga) for the Big 5 O event. Read the rest of this entry »

Entries open for 2014 Forest Run

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Earlier this month I spent a couple of days running and walking through the beautiful Belfast pine-tree plantation to finalise the route for the 2014 AdventureLisa’s Forest Run route. While the route fundamentals are similar to that run in the inaugural Forest Run in March 2013, I’ve tweaked elements, discovered some other peaceful forest tracks and I’ve made one BIG change…  Read the rest of this entry »

Getting ready for Forest Run 2014

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As a bunch of other projects wrap up, my attention now turns to Forest Run 2014! Read the rest of this entry »

AdventureLisa’s report

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Eight years ago I had the idea to organise a one-day, ultra-distance trail run after taking part in a number of events locally and in the US. I have now been participating regularly in trail races (staged, ultra) for almost 15 years locally and abroad and it was due time for me to be on the other side. It took those eight years (plus a bit) for me to actually get around to it! Read the rest of this entry »

Modern Athlete – March

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This is the column on Forest Run in the March 2013 issue of Modern Athlete magazine. I tried to keep the content relevant to all other trail runs as well as Forest Run. Many thanks to editor Michelle Pieters for her support of Forest Run. Such a pity that Michelle and Janice were unable to run – both down with injuries. Wishing you both speedy recovery. Read the rest of this entry »

Trail markings

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I was out in the area this morning; I took a couple of photos to illustrate how I do my trail markings. I’ll go over this at race briefing before the start but good for you to take note of pre-race. Read the rest of this entry »

Modern Athlete – February

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Forest Run is in the new February 2013 issue of Modern Athlete magazine. In this article we’ve answered some of your questions about the run. You’ll find these and others on the FAQ page on this Forest Run website. Modern Athlete’s Michelle and Janice are training for the race – they’ll be running the relay pair. One month to go girls! Read the rest of this entry »

Media partner: Modern Athlete

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Modern Athlete has enthusiastically jumped on board as a media partner to Forest Run. In addition to pre-race content in the magazine, you’ll be able to really all about Michelle Carnegie (editor) and Janice Pondicas’ (advertising) experience as a relay pair after the race. Read the rest of this entry »

Test run

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I’ve just spent two days out on the route to test run the entire course and to get an altitude profile.  Read the rest of this entry »