Updates and added accommodation options

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I have added a few more places to the accommodation options in the area. As you will see, there are a good number of venues located within walking distance to five kilometres from our host venue at the Venterskroon Inn. Almost all are self-catering and many have river access. There are options for camping or rustic bushcamps to luxurious cabins and large farmhouses.

Some of the rates are for the room/cabin/chalet/house; a few are per person. You’re looking at R150 to R600 per person with an average of around R300 to R350 per person per night.

You can get a double room or a farmhouse that sleeps 8 – perfect for a group of friends. Please book your accommodation directly with the hosts and read about these venues on the Accommodation page.



Why I don’t open entries a year in advance

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Runners have asked me why I don’t open Forest Run entries a year in advance, like some other events. A few reasons…

Aside from needing a good break after presenting an event, I prefer to focus on event planning in blocks so that the admin and my focus is contained. Also, if you’re anything like me, you probably use January to look around and see what events are on in the next six months. If I’d opened Forest Run entries already last year and the places were all snapped up, I’m sure you’d be disappointed not to even have had a chance to consider it. Read the rest of this entry »

An impromptu 20km (and entries open soon)

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I haven’t been out in the Forest Run area much since October, when I did a three-day hike with family – showing them parts that I really love out there. I was also out in the hills in August when I participated unofficially in the annual rogaining event –  a run-navigation event held over 6hrs, for which I helped to prepare the map. I’ve missed the hills and forests.

My companions, Andrew and Ryan.

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Geologists explore the Dome

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News in from the Parys Gazette: A group of 38 geophysics students are currently exploring the Vredefort Dome. They’re spending three weeks out here.  Read the story online.

Dome news 30June16_s

Full results with splits

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Here are your results – with splits – for each course:

Overall Results

  • 46km – full results with splits (PDF)
  • 30km – full results with splits (PDF)
  • 16km – full results with splits (PDF)

Numbers in red are ‘Superman’ times – the fastest on the leg.

Forests and fairies

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I am glad that Chris Hunter now understands (I mistakenly thought that everyone knew the fairy-forest connection) hahahaha :)

In a post today on Facebook Chris writes:

“Ok folks, I’m the village idiot. Can you believe that for a number of weeks now I tried to understand the relationship between the Forest Run and people dressing up as fairies. So, on Saturday morning, while eaves dropping in on a conversation between a mum and her 4-year-old daughter, I realised my mistake……. “Fairies live in the forest mum… dah!” Need I say more? So now my world is a perfect place once again and saved by a 4 year old…”.

Do we tell him now or later about flower fairies?

P.S. Elves also feature at Forest Run. They also live in forests.


Forest Run in the Parys Gazette

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Our local Parys Gazette has been wonderfully supportive of Forest Run. Here’s a post-event piece published in the community paper in the week of 6 June 2016.

A total of 104 runners recently took part in the first edition of ‘AdventureLisa’s Forest Run’ in its new home of the Vredefort Dome. The runners set off from the Venterskroon Inn on three course distances – 16km, 30km and 46km – which took them on parts of the Rooihaas Hiking Trail and along tracks on neighbouring farms. While most of the participants drove through from Potchefstroom, Parys, Johannesburg and Pretoria, runners also travelled from as far away as Kroonstad, Klerksdorp, Sabie, Middelburg, Stellenbosch and Cape Town …read more

Forest Run review by Conrad van den Berg

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This was Conrad’s 3rd Forest Run. Here is his blog – with wonderful photographs and thoughtful insights – about his 46km run as well as a bit of history of our host venue, Venterskroon Inn, which he gleaned from it’s friendly owner, Leon.

“We are back home and I unpack my bags slowly, still feeling the enjoyment of the race. I unpin my race number from my T-shirt to throw it away, but first I read through all the information printed on it. As I look at the Forest Run logo I notice the new slogan: “Reminding you why you run”. The old slogan was “A friendly and lovely forest ultra”. I like it. Here’s why…” read more


Forest Run review by Chris Wilcock

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Chris Wilcock has a smooth and easy-reading style and here he writes in an entertaining Q&A style about Forest Run. He mentions a number of things I noticed, but hadn’t fully absorbed; like the scents and sounds of the area. He also looks at critical elements like route markings, how tough is the run, the scenery and what makes Forest Run so special.

“Having previously written about the “old” Forest Run held at Lakenvlei, I had decided not to do a review of the 2016 edition. It is difficult to find something fresh to say about a run that has already been reviewed. However, having just done the “new” Forest Run held on 21 May 2016 in its new Venterskroon home, I realised that it is sufficiently different to justify another review. In addition, when doing my previous review in 2015, I had ignored the elephant in the room. Said elephant is now flapping its ears, waving its trunk around and demanding attention. More about the pesky pachyderm later…” read more

Chris Wilcock

Mponeng Primary Farm School

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For me, it is important that Forest Run has social and community involvement. As I’ve spent a decade involved with aspects of school sport – from rural development and social responsibility programmes to city school sport and coaching, I chose to connect Forest Run with Mponeng Primary Farm School. Read the rest of this entry »