Forest Run in the Parys Gazette

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Our local Parys Gazette has been wonderfully supportive of Forest Run. Here’s a post-event piece published in the community paper in the week of 6 June 2016.

A total of 104 runners recently took part in the first edition of ‘AdventureLisa’s Forest Run’ in its new home of the Vredefort Dome. The runners set off from the Venterskroon Inn on three course distances – 16km, 30km and 46km – which took them on parts of the Rooihaas Hiking Trail and along tracks on neighbouring farms. While most of the participants drove through from Potchefstroom, Parys, Johannesburg and Pretoria, runners also travelled from as far away as Kroonstad, Klerksdorp, Sabie, Middelburg, Stellenbosch and Cape Town …read more

Forest Run review by Conrad van den Berg

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This was Conrad’s 3rd Forest Run. Here is his blog – with wonderful photographs and thoughtful insights – about his 46km run as well as a bit of history of our host venue, Venterskroon Inn, which he gleaned from it’s friendly owner, Leon.

“We are back home and I unpack my bags slowly, still feeling the enjoyment of the race. I unpin my race number from my T-shirt to throw it away, but first I read through all the information printed on it. As I look at the Forest Run logo I notice the new slogan: “Reminding you why you run”. The old slogan was “A friendly and lovely forest ultra”. I like it. Here’s why…” read more


Forest Run review by Chris Wilcock

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Chris Wilcock has a smooth and easy-reading style and here he writes in an entertaining Q&A style about Forest Run. He mentions a number of things I noticed, but hadn’t fully absorbed; like the scents and sounds of the area. He also looks at critical elements like route markings, how tough is the run, the scenery and what makes Forest Run so special.

“Having previously written about the “old” Forest Run held at Lakenvlei, I had decided not to do a review of the 2016 edition. It is difficult to find something fresh to say about a run that has already been reviewed. However, having just done the “new” Forest Run held on 21 May 2016 in its new Venterskroon home, I realised that it is sufficiently different to justify another review. In addition, when doing my previous review in 2015, I had ignored the elephant in the room. Said elephant is now flapping its ears, waving its trunk around and demanding attention. More about the pesky pachyderm later…” read more

Chris Wilcock

Altitude profiles are relative

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In drawing the altitude profiles for the Forest Run routes last night, I had to decide on the best way to present the route. What kind of elevation scale was I going to use?

The challenge is to indicate that there are climbs and descents – some of which are steep; but not horrendously so. Out here in the Vredefort Dome, there isn’t anything too nasty, other than the sting-in-the-tail descent near the end. No climb nor descent goes on and on; but they’re still there to test you. Read the rest of this entry »

Forest Run 46km thru run

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When I go out scouting tracks and paths for routes, I cover a lot of ground. I check out this trail, that animal track to look for options and connections. Over the past three months, I’ve covered almost 200 kilometres of trails in the Vredefort Dome. My GPS tracks look like a spider web.

Not all of these tracks are useful. When I construct a route it has to have logical flow, the direction must be pleasing (scenery) and the intensity of the trails must vary.

After each scouting outing I colour-coded my tracks with green being easy-running sections, yellow for runnable sections that require concentration, orange for sections that are technical and slow runnable (I may or may not run them) and red for those sections that are not runnable (for me).

Only then did I looked at connecting these tracks to make exciting routes with good doses of green, yellow and orange plus aiming to limit the amount of red – of which there is much available. Read the rest of this entry »

Second Forest Run scouting outing

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After spending another day out on the prospective new Forest run route on Wednesday last week, I shot off to Jo’burg and then the Drakensberg (more on this in my next post).

I spent most of my outing scouting another section of the area. The lower down trails are regularly used and are maintained; those up high haven’t been used for a long time. I’ll need to do some trail cleaning work on these. I did manage to connect this section with the one I played on a few weeks back. I’ll be out there again next week – I’m looking for a more gradual descent to the finish and one more connecting option. Read the rest of this entry »

Changes to Forest Run

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Hi Forest Runners,

As some of you know, I’ve moved to Parys. Yes, just over the Vaal River and into the Free State.

This does mean that I’m a bit further away from Lakenvlei and I’m now living in a place so suited to enjoyable and varied running routes.

It has taken me a few weeks to settle on my decision to move Forest Run from Lakenvlei to the ridges and valleys of my new home.

As such, dates and details for Forest Run will change. We have got lovely naturally forested valleys, through which you’ll run, so maybe I won’t need to call this event ‘Not-a-Forest Run’. hehehe

I’m undecided on the date. It will most likely be after early March (still too hot) but before June.

I’ll be doing a lot of scouting over the festive season and I’ll get back to you with details as soon as I know them.


Family-friendly 5km

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As before, I’ll mark out a nice route of 4-5km (no more than 5km) – starting and finishing at the Lodge. This is a route for the partners/friends/children of runners who are waiting at the finish.

This is a not timed event – just a marked route. It will remain marked for the whole day so they can venture out at any time to get at least a little taste of this lovely area.

There is no entry fee for this. Some things are just for the pure pleasure of it.


Race review – Christiaan Greyling

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Run Forrest Run!

Fairies meander in the forests and when you accidentally stumble upon one, you can have three wishes…

On Saturday 1 March 2014 the 2nd running of AdventureLisa’s Forest Run took place near Belfast. Runners were once again given the opportunity to explore the friendly forest areas of Lakenvlei. What a beautiful morning it turned out to be. The air was crisp, perfect for a 35/62km trot. Read the rest of this entry »

Numbers, distances and waterpoints

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Only days to go!

I’ve been crunching numbers and this is what the Forest Run field looks like at the moment (there are always a few additions here and there before the start):

We’ve got 35 runners on the 35km and 25 runners on the 62km course. 35% of the runners are women. Read the rest of this entry »