The beauty of the Fairy Forest

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When I moved Forest Run last year from Lakenvlei to the Vredefort Dome, I didn’t think I could keep the same event name – until I explored the farthest side of the route where only the 46km runners go. This is why Forest Run is still called Forest Run. This is a beautiful 4 minute video by Helena Pienaar.

Helena and Jonatan joined their folks Martie and JP at the spot where the 46km runners begin their loop. They had an early morning 2.6km to walk into their point and then took the opportunity to hike a section of the route. If you ran the 16km or 30km and want to know what you missed on the ‘far side’… Here is Helena’s beautiful video that shows the magic of the ‘Fairy Forest’. Stars in the video include Helena herself (she did the editing too), her brother Jonatan and her parents Martie (she made this year’s date squares) and JP. Enjoy.

Buffelskloof from Helena Pienaar on Vimeo.

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