Falling in love with the area again

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I know the Forest Run area pretty well. I’ve traversed all the trails in the area, drawn a map and I’ve spent a lot of hours out there. From the first, I fell in love with the area. This weekend I fell in love with it all over again.

When I first got to know the area at the beginning of last year, it was summer and swelteringly hot and very, very dry. The area had not received good rains for some time. This summer has been very good with a number of big downpours – and many smaller showers – throughout the season.

I was out on the one side of the route (16km area) in mid-February and the amount of vegetation growth was astounding. I enjoyed my day out there but couldn’t help thinking, “OMG, we have so much trail cutting and clearing to do in May!”.

With a friend visiting this weekend, we took him out for a hike on a section of the route that only the 30km and 46km runners go through. Apparently there used to be cattle in this section but they were moved off about two years ago because of a lack of water. The owners told me that their stream used to flow throughout the year but had been dry for at least two years. I’d never seen a drop of water out there.

On Saturday afternoon I fell in love with the area all over again. In my recent Forest Run newsletter I introduced you to my newly adopted dog Rusty. I took her out with us and she just loved being there. She is going to be a wonderful trail companion. The Red Donga Trail was like a real fairyland with soft green undergrowth and flowing streams at the start of the section and midway too. Such a magical place and with a wonderful moist earthy fresh scent.

In a month’s time for Forest Run, I hope that these streams are still flowing. It should still be quite green too, especially after the lovely rains that we’ve had these past two weeks. If you ran last year, you’ll fall in love with the area again too. If this is your first time out here, you’re in for a treat. xxx

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