Mponeng Primary Farm School

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For me, it is important that Forest Run has social and community involvement. As I’ve spent a decade involved with aspects of school sport – from rural development and social responsibility programmes to city school sport and coaching, I chose to connect Forest Run with Mponeng Primary Farm School.

This morning I visited the school for the first time and was totally impressed. They’re located in the Forest Run area, on the Venterskroon Road and their principal, Rene, is energetic, dedicated and inspiring. They have five teachers and around 98 children from surrounding farms. They have also opened their doors to street children, who they are educating and teaching to read and write. Children range from 3 to 19.

The school has a wonderful energy and warmth and it was a treat for me to visit their children and classrooms. I look forward to building a relationship with the school in both my personal capacity and with Forest Run.

On behalf of each runner, I have transferred a donation to the school.

Lisa and Rene
Lisa with Mponeng Primary Farm School principal, Rene.
Their weekly menu. One lady prepares the meal daily to feed the almost 100 children at break time. As Rene says, “She creates magical meals out of almost nothing”. This is the menu issued by the Department of Education. For most of the children, this is their only meal each day. Rene told of a little boy who one Monday morning passed out in class. The meal he had the Friday before at school was the last one he’d eaten. Sadly, that’s the reality for many children.
Mponeng School
Some of the little children walking from their classroom during break time to the kitchen to receive their daily, cooked meal.
Mponeng vision
The school’s wonderful vision. My only edit to this would read, “Enable learners to become contented, honest and respectful persons in their community with the certainty that they are valuable to themselves and others.”

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    Conrad van den Berg said:
    May 25, 2016 at 20:43

    Lisa this is inspiring.

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