2015 Results

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Results for the 2015 edition of AdventureLisa’s Forest Run are out!

60km Men

  1. Kallie Burger, 04:37:44
  2. Koot Steenkamp, 06:26:17
  3. Filipe Tavares, 06:58:14

60km Women

  1. Lorraine Boshoff, 05:58:30 (2nd overall)
  2. Lawrette McFarlane, 06:26:17 (3rd overall)
  3. Allison Glass and Tracey de Waal, 07:20:23

30km Men

  1. Naas Janse van Rensburg, 02:33:26
  2. Sean Henry and Douglas Long, 02:46:48
  3. Mike Nash, 02:53:02*

30km Women

  1. Magretha Wang, 02:53:02*
  2. Helena Oberholzer, 03:02:42
  3. Rentia van Zyl, 3:30:16

* Magretha, Mike and another guy took an alternative route after the water drop to the finish… I’ve measured possible shortest routes that they could have taken home and they measure between 200m shorter and 400m longer; so the course distance still holds as they’re likely to have done more.  I’m not quite sure how they found their way home on this unmarked route.

Here are the complete results for Forest Run 2015.

Notable mentions include:

  • 74 runners took part in this 3rd edition of AdventureLisa’s Forest Run.
  • Kallie Burger’s second consecutive win on the 60km – and 10 minutes faster this year with a time of 4:37:44. He ran on his own from before Waterpoint 1 (at 11.8km). Wondering what his average pace was? 4:46min/km
  • Naas Janse van Rensburg won the 30km in a blitzing time of 2:33:26 – that’s a 4:38 pace.
  • Maz Moore ran 05:36:04 on the 30km, coming in with Ian, Staci and Francis. At 68-years young, Maz is our most mature entrant and as our official and favourite ‘coffin dodger’, Maz gets free entry to next year’s race.
  • Four men named Chris took part. All four were on the 30km route.
  • Three men name Peter/Pieter took part. All three were on the 30km route.
  • Two Shauns ran the 60km; the one Sean ran the 30km (he changed from 60km to 30km)
  • Liezl Schoeman completed her 3rd Forest Run; and this time with first-time ultra friend, Madeleine le Grange. In 2013 Liezl clocked 11:01; in 2014 she clocked 09:50 and this year she finished the 60km course in 09:22. Is sub-9hr on the cards for 2016?
  • Kevin Rodwell also keeps reducing his times on the 60km with 08:31 in 2013, 07:56 in 2014 and 07:24 this year.
  • Filipe Tavares came to Forest Run from the longest distance away – Mocambique, where he has been working. This was his second 60km and he improved his time by 31 minutes to run a sub-7hr. He returns to his home country of Portugal at the end of April.

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