Forest Run tees

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The lack of inclusion of race tees at Forest Run is totally due to my own biases. Tees increase entry fees and, especially as a woman, in the past 20 years I can probably count on one-and-a-half hands the race tees that I’ve received that I’ve both liked the design/colour of AND that fit me. Men’s tees are rarely flattering on women. I realise too that race organisers put a lot of time and effort (and money) into the tees so it really is a pity that I don’t end up wearing them. I prefer to be given a choice as to whether I want one or not.

FR tees

Last year I printed tees for winners on each course and when a friend saw me wearing one she asked, “Why don’t you do them for everyone?”. Well, the reasons above still stand but after a few weeks of checking out tee samples, I’ve settled on men’s and women’s tees and two colours. I’ve also added fairy wings to the back of the women’s tees.

Tees are R90.00 and orders must be in by 18h00 on Thursday, 5 March 2015.

When you order, please specify gender, size and colour. See notes on sizing above.

Place your order by contacting Lisa directly –


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