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Last year Fernando Santos ran Forest Run. He missed out on the race this year as he was booked for Pelinduna (8 March), which was cancelled days ago (after Forest Run) because of the heavy downpours experienced in Gauteng.

Yesterday he posted the photo of his Forest Run tree, received at the finish line last year, on Facebook.

This is what he wrote:

This tree was planted a year ago! A tree like this one was given to all of us who finished the Forest Run 2013 which is hosted by Lisa Speville ! I missed this years race as I had another race planned for this weekend. It is so special and a privilege to run the Forests and it brings me memories of the Village in Portugal where mother lives (Pedrogao) which is in the Forests . For those of my running friends who ran it this year, I am sure you got a tree as well and plant it as it will grow up here in the Highvled. Lisa, I know this year’s event was just as amazing but be assured that next year I will be back to run in the Lakenvlei Forests.

Fernando's River Indigo tree

The tree is a River Indigo tree. It is indigenous. His tree is definitely planted in just the right place to have flowers so early. It is a fast-growing tree and should be a good deal bigger by this time next year.

Although most of the trees were River Indigo, others were Karee trees – from the Acacia family. Very hardy and also quick-growing. They can be trimmed into a wonderful shade-providing shape as they grow.

This year Forest Runners received a pretty forest grass. It grows in sun or shade and it gets very pretty little white flowers.


Chris Faraday too ran Forest Run in 2013 and his tree is flourishing.

Hi Lisa, was really pleased to see Fernando’s tree as I now know what the name of the mystery tree I planted a year ago! I will probably re-plant it in a more indigenous area of my garden. Unfortunately missed this years race – recovering from 3 Cranes!

Chris Faraday River Indigo FR


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