Results for Forest Run 2014

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For this second running of AdventureLisa’s Forest Run on Saturday 1 March 2014 there were 51 runners. Eight entered runners didn’t make it to the start.

There were:

  • 14 runners on the 62km course
  • 37 runners on the 32km course

Final distance on the 62km course was little over 57 kilometres.

Final distance on the 35km course measured close to 32 kilometres.

Winning times were as follows:

  • 62km Men: 4:47, Karel Burger
  • 62km Women: 6:44, Hazel Moller
  • 32km Men: 2:38, Christiaan Greyling
  • 32km Women: 2:39, Megan Mackenzie

For complete results, with waterpoint splits, please download this PDF file (right-click and save or click to open).

Well done to all of the runners.


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