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Hi Forest Runners,

I trust that by now you’re home safe and sound and that your legs are well rested.

First, thank you to you, the runners, for participating in this second edition of Forest Run. It is my absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to share an area that I love with you. I’ve been orienteering and rogaining in, through and around this plantation for a good 13-odd years. I feel very much at home in this Forest. 

On the Komatiland Forests side, I am fortunate to have amazing support from Chris de Beer, the Eco Tourism Manager, and Thembi Nkwana, the Plantation Manager. Lonic and Mandla from Lakenvlei Forest Lodge take good care on things (and me) on the Lodge side. Amos is definitely a jack-of-all-trades at Lakenvlei – and he’s the guy who did the actual cutting of the grassy tracks by tractor.

I have quite a team of volunteers who are very much responsible for making this event happen on the day and for taking care of you out on the route. My warm thanks and appreciation to Sarah P. and Michael (waterpoints #1 and #4 and sweeping from #4 to the end), Penny (#1), Pieter (#1), Liz and Staci (#2 and catering, finish), Johann (#2), Duncan and Sarah B. (#3), Sue (sweeping from start to end of 35km), Kyle (route split and sweeping to #4), Zelda (photographs), Marcel and Maggi (photographs) and Aderick and Marilette (medics). Fortunately we had little need of Aderick and Marilette’s services.
I’ll post full results with splits at waterpoints over the next day or two on the Forest Run website. For now, these are the Top 3 for each course.

62km (Men)

  1. Karel Burger, 4h47
  2. Dirk Cloete, 5h12
  3. Jonathan Overett, 5h34

62km (Women)

  1. Hazel Moller, 6h44
  2. Ariena Shepherd, 8h30
  3. Liezl Schoeman, 9h50

35km (Men)

  1. Christiaan Greyling, 2h40
  2. Warren Eva, 2h49
  3. Jonathan Gill, 2h50

35km (Women)

  1. Megan Mackenzie, 2h41 (2nd overall)
  2. Landie Greyling, 2h41 (3rd overall)
  3. Michelle van Zyl, 3h53

Prizes went to the winners of the courses. They received an elegant Forest Run tee, a gift voucher card from Cape Union Mart (happy shopping!) and either AR Mini Gaiters or a run wrap skirt.

According to GPS readings, the actual distance on the 35km course was almost 32 kilometres (34km for race winner Christiaan Greyling, who overshot a turning by about 300m, turned at the fence and ran for almost another kilometre before turning around – he caught up brilliantly to win the course; 33.8km for Megan Mackenzie).

The actual distance on the 62km route seems to be a dash under 58 kilometres.

Some photos from Zelda are already up on the Forest Run Facebook page – with more being added by Marcel and Magg. They seem to have been all over the route to catch you in action. Please tag yourself.

Last year Zelda (pink fairy) took photographs and so loved being out in the forest that she decided to run this year. But, having had a knee op two weeks ago she was out of the running and decided to come along anyway to help and to take photos.

This was Marcel and Maggi’s first time at Forest Run and they looked the bomb in their wigs. I hope that the smiles from the runners, captured in their photos, were as a result of the pleasure of running in this event and not just because of Marcel and Maggi’s appearance. *grin*

I’ll confirm the date in the next week or so – it will be early- / mid-March.

If you’re running the Pelinduna 70km, I’ll be running with you on Saturday.

Warm wishes, 


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