Numbers, distances and waterpoints

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Only days to go!

I’ve been crunching numbers and this is what the Forest Run field looks like at the moment (there are always a few additions here and there before the start):

We’ve got 35 runners on the 35km and 25 runners on the 62km course. 35% of the runners are women.
Four women on the 62km; 21 men
17 women on the 35km; 18 men

Average age of runners is 39yrs; oldest is 57 and youngest is 22.

More than half of the runners are over 35.

I’ll take my GPS out with me during this week to re-check distances following the few route modifications made last week according to conditions.

From measuring on Google Earth we’re looking at 59/60km on the 62km course (I lost a section where we couldn’t get the tractor in for the mud) and around 32km for the shorter course. I find the distance on the ground is usually slightly more than measured on GE.

I’m not going to police what you drink, how much water you take or what you carry. You’re all adults. First and foremost, you need to take care of yourself out there. You know your body best – listen to it. I can provide all the water in the world, but if you don’t drink it…

This is approximately where you’ll find water out on the route (I’ve rounded the numbers).

  • Waterpoint 1: 8km
  • Waterpoint 2: 23km (FEED STATION – Energade, Coke and ice here too)

ROUTE SPLIT for 35km and 62km route is at 27km. No more water points/drops for the 35km course.

On the 62km course…

  • Tap: 30km
  • Waterpoint 3: 36km (yes, Coke here)
  • Waterpoint 4: 45km (yes, Coke here)
  • Waterdrop: 51km

This may help with your planning around what to pack.

See you on the other side.

Travel safely,



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