Forest Run is not a road race

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As a number of road runners are interested in Forest Run, I thought I’d answer your burning question “Why is entry so expensive?”.

There is no way that a beautiful, forested, tagged off-road race with a maximum of 150 people can ever compete with a road race where you pay R90-R100 for 21km and there are 6,000 people participating. Goodness, I think that R100 for a 21km is pricey, especially when you consider the volume of people participating. You can’t even compare to Comrades… 20,000 people (plus dozens of sponsors) generates a massive income to fund the event. 

What you get at Forest Run are a few treats (coffee/tea and muffin pre-start, Forest Run sewn bag, finishers item), water points, well-stocked feed station and a team of people on the day – hosted by Forest Run for the weekend – who make this day possible. You get a beautiful route that takes three days to tag and medics on standby who are there to assist you. 

Most of all, you get a whole lot of special. Forest Run is not a regular run; it’s a forest experience packed with specialness. Forest Run reminds you why you run.


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