Forests and festivities

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Given a choice of a holiday destination, I’d chose forests over the coast any time. Although I’m not going away for a traditional holi-holiday this festive season, I will be heading into forested terrain of Kaapsehoop (Mpumalanga) for the Big 5 O event. It’s a five-day international orienteering event held every second year. I’ve done rogaining events in these forests, but not yet a precise-navigation orienteering event. I’ll be writing about my navigation successes (and blunders – hopefully not too many of these!) on my blog As long as I focus on running and not sniffing the scent of pine, I should be A-ok ;) The event runs 30 Dec – 4 Jan.

With the festive season upon us, many of you may be scrambling for gift ideas. Experiential gifts totally rock. They’re fun, make for great memories and they don’t take up space in a cupboard nor gather dust on a shelf. An entry to Forest Run for yourself or runner in your life is a fabulous experiential gift.

With the prospect of Forest Run looming on 1 March 2014, it’s great incentive to keep ticking over during the festive season and to kick training up a notch come early January.


Entries are all online through

As this year comes to an end, I wish you health and fitness and a year ahead filled with many adventures.

warm wishes,


P.S. During winter I travelled to Argentina (to learn Spanish). I found some beautiful forests to play in. Los arboles son magnificas! More, more, more!tree hugger


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