Getting ready for Forest Run 2014

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As a bunch of other projects wrap up, my attention now turns to Forest Run 2014!

I’m heading out to the area in two weeks to check out any changes and to get things ready for next year.

The race date is Saturday, 1 March 2014. Entries will only open in mid-November, after my trip out there.

Entries are limited to 150 in total.

There are very few ultras around and as the 62km is the ‘main event’, the number of 30km entries will be limited to only 50.

And, having learned from this year, I’m moving the halfway feed station so that those on the ultra course won’t be tempted to short-course to the finish. Ultra runners, I’ve got a special treat in store for you on the second half, which is a really lovely section of the route.



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